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Television for Education – Asia Pacific, trading as TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP), has over a dozen years of experience in documenting the Asia Pacific’s quest for environmentally and socially sustainable development. It taps the power of moving images -– by telling factual, authentic stories drawn from across the world’s largest and most diverse region.


The Greenbelt Reports builds on this communications expertise, networking capabilities and wide-ranging partnerships built over the years. TVEAP films are produced journalistically to suit the non-technical public and are distributed to over 40 TV stations and networks. Thousands of schools, universities, NGOs, government agencies and training institutes use this material for advocacy, awareness raising, learning or activist purposes.


More information at: www.tveap.org





“We do not want to have land title but we want to have the right to manage and use the resources in a sustainable way.”
- Pisit Charsnoh, Yadfon Association, Thailand (and winner of Goldman Environmental Prize)

“We see great emphasis on building new, even more infrastructure in the coastal areas than even pre-tsunami…So I think the lessons have not been learnt.”
- Jim Enright, Mangrove Action Project – Southeast Asia

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