We filmed The Greenbelt Reports over several months in 2006. It involved a dozen locations in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


While on location:

  • We looked at three types of ecosystems -- mangroves, sand dunes and coral reefs – and probed how they protect and sustain lives and jobs.
  • We asked how the local people, in turn, can play a part in saving, restoring or managing these ecosystems.
  • We interviewed a cross-section of officials, scientists, activists and local community groups in all these places.

Based on what our research and location filming found, we can cautiously offer some good news: there is hope yet for saving Asia's remaining coastal greenbelts. It is a huge challenge, but the knowledge, skill and energy for rising to that challenge are all available.


Across Asia, dedicated individuals and groups are trying out various methods to save, strengthen or bring back coastal greenbelts degraded by years of neglect and exploitation. They are working against many odds, and most of their efforts are not widely known or externally supported.

But their experience shows that it’s indeed possible to have the greenbelts and use them too. This is the core message we have tried to convey in our TV series.


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