The Greenbelt Reports series was produced in collaboration with scientists and activists affiliated to local, national or regional groups engaged in saving, restoring and managing coastal greenbelts in Asia.


Here are some of their views, captured in the TV series:


“We do not want to have land title but we want to have the right to manage and use the resources in a sustainable way.”
- Pisit Charsnoh, Yadfon Association, Thailand (and winner of Goldman Environmental Prize)


“Restoration if it is going to have an effect has to be done in a wide scale and our main target is to spread into other reefs.”
- Prasanna Weerakkody, Nature Conservation Group, Sri Lanka
“It takes many years for the trees to grow, but it takes only one day to destroy it.”
- Jureerat Pechsai (Deun), Pra Thong island, Thailand


“Community involvement…give them right to manage their forest…” - Lukman Hakim, YARL (Sea Grassroots Foundation), Indonesia


“We see great emphasis on building new, even more infrastructure in the coastal areas than even pre-tsunami…So I think the lessons have not been learnt.”
- Jim Enright, Mangrove Action Project – Southeast Asia



“The severity of this disaster could have been greatly lessened and much loss in human life and suffering could have been averted had healthy mangrove forests, coral reefs, sea grass beds and peat lands been conserved in a healthy state along these same now devastated coastlines. Instead, these vital protective buffers that nature provides against wind and wave had been foolishly degraded or removed for unsustainable developments such as industrial shrimp aquaculture, tourism and urban expansion into these fragile and now quite vulnerable coastal regions.”
- The Mangrove Action Project (MAP), in a statement shortly after the Asian Tsunami of December 2004

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